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Meet Brianna Finnell

         Brianna Finnell attended La Quinta High School and was involved with the band program. She pursued music beyond her high school years. She went on 5 drum corps national tours across America, and has competed in drumline competitions at the national and international levels. She has even made an appearance as a percussionist in the 2010 and 2012 Pasadena Rose Parade. In addition, she has appeared on the hit television show "Glee".  She also won first place on "On Call" for the McCallum theater. Brianna has always considered singing a passion. In spring of 2013, she returned to school in order to begin her training as a Vocal Performance music major at College of Desert. She has made appearances at Palm Canyon Theatre in Pippin, Shrek the Musical, and Seussical the Musical. She also recently played Cosette in Les Miserables at the McCallum Theatre. Brianna also makes local appearances singing at the Palm Springs Villagefest and the Hyatt Palm Springs. She has been working with Enchanted Memories since May, 2013 as an entertainer, impersonator and MC/Singer.

          Our Very Own Miss Coachell 2015. We are so proud of our wonderful Tanya! She has always believed that music is good for the mind, the body, and the heart. She studied classical music for two years before started her own jazz combo. She likes to play for small audiences so that she can talk to the people in the crowd and establish a connection. One of Tanya's favorite experiences was being the director of a children's choir at a community church. When she finishes her studies, Tanya wants to make the community a better place. Tanya got accepted into the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, and will be attending in the Spring of 2015 Tanya enjoys working for Enchanted Memories as an entertainer snd singer.  

Meet Tanya Nuñez

Miss-Coachella-Valley-Tanya-Nunez Tanya-Nunez-Miss-Coachella-Valley-2

         Mari is a Professional actress who was a theater arts major who studied at College of the Desert. At COD she has performed in "Will Any Gentleman" as the Can-Can Dancer and "Buried Child" as Halie. She has also appeared in a couple Improve shows at COD. She is currently working with Desert Theater Works, in Palm Desert. She has performed in numerous plays, such as "Seminar" as Kate, "Noises Off" as Brooke, "Psycho Beach Party" as Bettina Barnes and "Miracle Worker" as Kate Keller. She has an amazing talent for acting and  persona's. She believes that performance can free people from their everyday issues and take them on a journey through someone else's lives, even if only for an hour or so. She wishes to be able to continue performing and bringing a little happiness and distraction to whomever might be watching. She is very kind and good with children.

Meet Mari Harris-Sparti

PicsArt_1420544052759 (1) Brianna-Finnell-Open-Call-2015-Grand-Prize-Winner

All our entertainers on this page, we use periodically. You may request them as well.

They are professional performers & singers.

"Plan, Perform, Party and Play"

         Krystofer is a professional actor. He is exceptionally experienced with different personas. One of his most famous impersonations is Michael Jackson. Not only is he a professional actor, but a professional singer and songwriter as well. He is the founder of Knights of the New Order, a nonprofit lightsaber combat group, which travels to large events such as comic con etc. He has also played the role of Courfeyrac in Les Miserables. He has played the role of the Prince in the Nightly Musical at the Date Festival 2016. Krystofer has been acting for years and enjoys to entertain. He loves to sing and has a talent for playing the piano. He also has done tech work for Desert Theatre Works. He studies at College of the Desert and is majoring in music. Currently, he is working on two projects: A web series called ‘Blood Ties’, where he  will play the Lead. The other is a short film he is currently writing and directing. Krys is a trained swordsman and is currently fencing under Desert Fencing Academy. We expect many great things from Krystofer in the future and we are honored to have him work for Enchanted Memories.


Meet Krystofer Do

Meet Carylnne Schafer

          Carlynne  Schafer is also one of our Youngest Princesses and Models. She just turned sixteen. She has been trained in singing, and loves children.  She is one of our highest requested Princesess. She hopes to one day attend Juilliard. She has a fantastic voice and loves to sing and play with the children. She is not only skilled in acting but knows the Princesses like the back of her hand. She is a performing artist and sings at her local school. She performed live at Empire Polo Club, singing the National Anthem. Enchanted Memories is thankful to have found such a talented young lady. We are sure you will be too.

12278939_10207427910370270_8158528920858949076_n Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.13.36 PM

          Emma Huebscher, is also one of many Princesses and professional StarWars Combat fighters.  She loves children and she loves working with Enchanted Memories. She is not only a Princess, but an Artist. She paints,  and is a professional face painter. She is skilled in Sword Combat and Martial Arts.  Her skills with Martial Arts and Sword combat, make her a great Power Ranger and Rey from StarWars. She is also a Member of the Knights of the New Order. She does a lot of Professional Cosplay and  attends comic con. She sews and makes many of her own Costumes. She has a creative talent for performing and acting.

Meet Emma Huebscher


         Leeza Sesteaga, is a talented Facepainter and Balloon Twister. She also works in the office on our fabulous costumes and Balloon cooordinator. She is our very own costume runner(csotume maintenance). She also is Bilingual. She enjoys to sew. She is a wonderful employee and worker. She loves to always lend a helping hand.  Leeza has only been with us a year and  a half. She is one of our hardest working employees. She helps set up our balloon events and has a creative talent for balloon decorations. Enchanted Memories is grateful for all her hard work, with the company and the employees around. She is friendly and reliable. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Meet  Leeza Sesteaga

534526_318529098254690_1876581822_n 12728835_913170972123830_20158183562193604_n

         Natasha Romero is a Princess, Performer, Model and  one of the Founders of Enchanted Memories.  She is a professional makup Artist. She has a great hand at face painting and Henna Art. Natasha has worked with young children most of her life. She has worked with Enchanted Memories for eleven years, since she was a young age. She loves to paint and perform. Enchanted Memories is so grateful to have her share her talent with the company.

Meet Natasha Romero

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 1.25.45 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 12.55.04 PM

            Noah Newton is a professional Tye Dye Artist. She is our very own Queen of Tye Dye. She has been with Enchanted Memories for five years.  Noah has her own line of The Dye clothing on Etsy. She has sold many of her product out of state, and throughout the US. She is, also a professional Hula Hoop Dancer and Facepainter. She is a performer, and currently one of our Most requested Tye Dye Artist.

Meet Noah Newton

966872_581969435180588_70215202_o 1069208_608159892561542_1920210229_n

         Leticia Aguirre, is one of our most requested  Professional Artists. Some of her work has been sold, at local galleries. She paints fabulous portraits. Leticia is a freelance Artist, who works with Enchanted Memories, regularly. She is a phenomenal facepainting artist as well. Leticia also enjoys  portraying a clown. She loves to perform and entertain. Enchanted Memories is proud to call her an employee.

Meet Leticia Aguirre


         Autumn Martino, is one of our professional Artists. She is defiantly a do all kind of girl.  She has been working with us since 2006. She helped design and  promote Enchanted Memories from the Begining. She drew the outline for all our mascots and fairies. She also has painted murals for the company. She has a wonderful talent as a professional face painter. Autumn also dances with Poi. And even paints with Poi lighting. She draws, sculpts, paints and has a wonderful skill at painting murals. Autumn has been with Enchanted Memories for quite a while. We have showcased some of her art on our website, such as her wonderful caricatures, and face painting art. She vent had her own art show at  The Classic Consignment Company. Enchanted Memories is very grateful for Autumn and her amazing talent.

Meet Autumn Martino


        Sirrena  is a very talented Balloon decorator and performer.  Sirrena has been with Enchanted Memories for five years.  She created the backpacks for the gay pride parade in 2015. She is very talented in designing large events with Balloon set up and decoration. She has been with Enchanted Memories for quite a while, since 2008.  Sirrena has worked on many large events as not only a decorator or designer but she also is a balloon twister. She can make anything from guns, to octopi, to crowns and swords.  She enjoys to work with decorations and setting up. Enchanted Memories is very grateful for her help and loyalty to the company.

Sirrena Ditton

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Meet Camille Anderson

Meet Mathew Blindauer


         Mathew is one of our newest additions to the office staff. He started in October, and was known automatically that he would be our perfect Scheduling Manager. Mathew is also one of our experienced balloon twisters that can create a variety of animals and objects. During the last two years of his High School, Mathew would volunteer at his church's youth ministry on his free time. He is an aspiring writer who also has a yearning to learn business. He plans on taking a year off before starting College. Mathew's aspiritions include getting a book published and eventually opening up his own business. He is very honored to be working at Enchanted Memories and loves it more than anything!

         Camille has been a performer her entire life. She started at a young age when she begged her mom to put her in a dance studio, and was granteed the wish. Now, a more experienced dancer and singer, she takes any opportunity that she is given and has performed in multiple muscials. A seamstress  and  an avid cosplayer. She will create her own intricate costumes and outfits to cosplay as. She was apart of our valley's very own Comic Con Palm Springs cosplaying as Poison Ivy from DC. Because of her many, amazing talents, she is one of our beautiful Princesses! She is not only a princess, but one of our experienced Face Painter/Balloon Twisters. Camille loves the many opportunities that Enchanted Memories gives her, and plans on working here for a very long time.

Meet Bronte Nemeth

Bronte 1 Bronte 2

         Bronte is very exceptional in many ways. She has her very own unique fashion style that makes her stand out in a good way. She is a risk taker in beauty and it pays off! Ever since Bronte was young, she has always been fascinated with makeup. When she was given her first makeup kit, she practiced and practiced until she was perfect at applicating and blending! Becasue she is an afficionado for makeup, she has become one of our best Face Painters. From very complex designs to a simpple butterfly, she will create beautiful and flawless designs on kids and adults faces. Bronte is a student at College of the Desert, majoring in Studio Art. One of her biggest inspirations is Lady Gaga, so much that she bought a Coachella 2017 Pass just to see her. Bronte is one of our best additions, and she will become an amazing artist in the near future.

Meet Brielle Walker

         Brielle is one of our amazing and beautiful princesses! She has been apart of Enchanted Memories for a little over a year, but has defintely impacted us in a huge way! When Brielle walks into an event dressed up as a princess, she goes in with the most upbeat and positive attitude possible. She tries to make everyone have as much fun as possible, as she always succeeds. She is now heading to College of the Desert where she plans to study and work. She cherishes the love she receives from the kids at parties. She loves working for Enchanted Memories, and we love having her!  

Meet Carlee Appling

         Carlee is another one of our beautiful and awesome princesses! Carlee herself spiritually and physically embodies a princess. Carlee is one of the most humble and exceptionally nice people ever! Her life goal is to help as many people as possible that are in need! She is not one to care for materialistic items, but can make amazing face paintings and awesome Balloon Animals! At a very young age, Carlee was introduced into the world of dance. Ever since then, she has been fascinated with it and takes every class she is able to! Carlee is also one of our longest princesses, working with us for a couple of years. She loves being working for Enchanted Memories, because she loves seeing the joy on kid's faces when they meet one of our princesses for the first time!

Carlee 2 Carlee 1 Camille Anderson Camille 2 Brielle