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All our entertainers on this page, we use periodically. You may request them as well.

They are professional performers & singers.

"Plan, Perform, Party and Play"

Meet Carylnne Schafer

          Carlynne  Schafer is also one of our Popular Princesses and Models. She has been trained in singing, and loves children.  She is one of our highest requested Princesess. You may Recognize her as Queen Elsa! She hopes to one day attend Juilliard. She has a fantastic voice and loves to sing and play with the children. She is not only skilled in acting but knows the Princesses like the back of her hand. She is a performing artist and sings at her local school. She performed live at Empire Polo Club, singing the National Anthem. Enchanted Memories is thankful to have found such a talented young lady. We are sure you will be too.


         Leeza Sesteaga, is a talented Facepainter and Balloon Twister. She also works in the office on our fabulous costumes and Balloon cooordinator. She is our very own costume runner(csotume maintenance). She also is Bilingual. She enjoys to sew. She is a wonderful employee and worker. She loves to always lend a helping hand.  Leeza has only been with us a year and  a half. She is one of our hardest working employees. She helps set up our balloon events and has a creative talent for balloon decorations. Enchanted Memories is grateful for all her hard work, with the company and the employees around. She is friendly and reliable. We are very lucky to have her on our team.

Meet  Leeza Sesteaga


         Natasha Romero is a Princess, Performer, Model and  one of the Founders of Enchanted Memories.  She is a professional makup Artist. She has a great hand at face painting and Henna Art. Natasha has worked with young children most of her life. She has worked with Enchanted Memories for eleven years, since she was a young age. She loves to paint and perform. Enchanted Memories is so grateful to have her share her talent with the company.

Meet Natasha Romero

         Autumn Martino, is one of our professional Artists. She is defiantly a do all kind of girl.  She has been working with us since 2006. She helped design and  promote Enchanted Memories from the Begining. She drew the outline for all our mascots and fairies. She also has painted murals for the company. She has a wonderful talent as a professional face painter. Autumn also dances with Poi. And even paints with Poi lighting. She draws, sculpts, paints and has a wonderful skill at painting murals. Autumn has been with Enchanted Memories for quite a while. We have showcased some of her art on our website, such as her wonderful caricatures, and face painting art. She vent had her own art show at  The Classic Consignment Company. Enchanted Memories is very grateful for Autumn and her amazing talent.

Meet Autumn Martino


        Sirrena  is a very talented Balloon decorator and performer.  Sirrena has been with Enchanted Memories for five years.  She created the backpacks for the gay pride parade in 2015. She is very talented in designing large events with Balloon set up and decoration. She has been with Enchanted Memories for quite a while, since 2008.  Sirrena has worked on many large events as not only a decorator or designer but she also is a balloon twister. She can make anything from guns, to octopi, to crowns and swords.  She enjoys to work with decorations and setting up. Enchanted Memories is very grateful for her help and loyalty to the company.

Sirrena Ditton

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Meet Camille Anderson

         Camille has been a performer her entire life. She started at a young age when she begged her mom to put her in a dance studio, and was granteed the wish. Now, a more experienced dancer and singer, she takes any opportunity that she is given and has performed in multiple muscials. A seamstress  and  an avid cosplayer. You may Recognize her as Princess Anna! She will create her own intricate costumes and outfits to cosplay as. She was apart of our valley's very own Comic Con Palm Springs cosplaying as Poison Ivy from DC. Because of her many, amazing talents, she is one of our beautiful Princesses! She is not only a princess, but one of our experienced Face Painter/Balloon Twisters. Camille loves the many opportunities that Enchanted Memories gives her, and plans on working here for a very long time.

Meet Carlee Appling

         Carlee is another one of our beautiful and awesome princesses! Carlee herself spiritually and physically embodies a princess. Carlee is one of the most humble and exceptionally nice people ever! Her life goal is to help as many people as possible that are in need! She is not one to care for materialistic items, but can make amazing face paintings and awesome Balloon Animals! At a very young age, Carlee was introduced into the world of dance. Ever since then, she has been fascinated with it and takes every class she is able to! Carlee is also one of our longest princesses, working with us for a couple of years. She loves being working for Enchanted Memories, because she loves seeing the joy on kid's faces when they meet one of our princesses for the first time!

Carlee 2 Carlee 1 Camille 2

Meet Patricia Cromwell

Patricia Cromwell is a professional Model and Actress, with a few films and commercials under her belt. She has been performing on stage and Modeling since she was two. She has currently been with Enchanted Memories since 2014. She  is one of our Mermaids as well. Many of you know her as Mermaid Cora,  or Princess Ariel! She has a wonderful talent for swimming and surfing. She loves the beach and prefers to be in the water.  She does many Princess Characters & Cosplays, as well as voice over work and celebrity Impersonators. She is currently going to school for Theatre and Graphic Design. She is a professional singer and a Graphics Design Artist for Enchanted Memories as well.

Kayy Erickson is a traditional artist for Main Media, use of Water Color Art.  She sketches and designs many costumes. She is also a talented seamstress. She has been professionally Cosplaying for five years and counting. She is currently going to Mayfeild College for IT. She also designs and sews some of Enchanted Costumes and props. Kayy also, is talented in the form of fencing and stage combat. She has been with Enchanted for about a year. And we expect much more of her talents in the future.

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Meet Kayy Erickson

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Meet Cheryl Dundes

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Cheryl is a talented model. She is also Enchanted's  administrative assitant, and Office Manager. She has skills in sales, marketing, supply chain management and customer service. She is training in poi. She is talented in Lace fan Dancing and loves to surf and be by the beach. She has wonderful in experience all around. Enchanted Memories is please to have her on board of our team. We expect much more from Cheryl in the future!

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Meet Noah Arce

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Meet Kimber Salisbury

Kimber Salisbury, is a very talented Makeup and Hairtsylist. She also is one of Enchanted Memories Performers as well as our Graphics Editor. Kimber is new to Enchanted Memories. She was currently our Nebula at Comic Con. 2017 She studied Makeup at CV Beauty College. And is currently also working as a professional hair stylist.

Noah is a profession Singer and actor. He is currently in a band and writes alot of his own singles. He is a member of "Next Generation Broadway" He has been doing theatre for 5 years and counting. He is currently attending Musical Theatre University. In Highschool he won, first place of his talent show for performing one of his original songs "Over and Over" Noah has been with Enchanted Memories on and off for two years. He has currently performed as one of our Prince Charmings, Pirates, and Hiccup(How to train your dragon) As well as many other characters. We expect big things from Noah!.

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Meet Cassie Kyaw

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Cassie Kyaw is one of our youngest employees. She has been many characters as well as an attendant for Enchanted. She has performed many roles as Princess Moana and many others as well. She is very skilled in art and dance.  She is a fun loving girl, who loves kids and cannot wait to study biology and dance, come college. She is currently a senior at La, Quinta High. Cassie has a 4.0 average. She has been acting and performing since she was little and has won many awards. We expect many great things from Cassie as well as bright future ahead of her.