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Princess &Fairies

Invite all your favorite Princesses and Fairies to your next child's birthday for some enchanted memories and some music, singing they also interact with kids, and either do simple face paintings or simple balloon twisting.

These Packages do not include Professional Face Painter nor Professional Balloon Twister only upon request.

Any fairy you can think of, any Princess that you wish.

• Anna & Elsa(Frozen)

• Belle(Beauty and The Beast)

• Snow White

• Cinderella

• Arial(The Little Mermaid)

• Aurora(Sleeping Beauty)

• Pocahontas

• Alice In Wonderland

• Thumbelina

• Tinkerbell(Peter Pan & Tinkerbell Series)

• Esmeralda( Hunchback of Notradame)

• Tiana(Princess and the Frog)

• Merida(Brave)

• Jasmine(Aladdin)

• Mulan

• Rapunzel

• Tinkerbell Fairies(Tinkerbell Series)


The characters that we offer are NOT name brand copyrighted characters, and we are not and they are not affiliated with any other copyright brand company and we do not market them as such. All Mascot costumes are Look-a-Like Costumes.

All of our entertainers, singers, performers, face painters, balloon twisters, cartoonist,magicians and dancers are all including outside contracted vendors are independent contractors-subcontractors.

"Plan, Perform, Party and Play"

You must allow the Princesses to have a thirty minute window upon arrival, prior to the event. So if you request them at 5pm, they would arrive between 5pm and 5:30pm.

Due to timing, we request that our characters only stay for their limited amount of time. If you want them to play games, dance and  have them participate in hitting the piñata, plus opening the presents and cutting the cake. They cannot do face painting or Balloons.


Doing all of these activities will result in them staying longer, thus causing them to be late for their next event. Our Entertainers are being paid for a certain amount of time. It would be unfair to request them to stay longer during the time of the event.


If you would like them to stay for all the activities, than they must have approval from our main office.  That way we may schedule the timing properly.