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When you choose Enchanted Memories for your party needs, you'll get only the best face painters around. Impress your guests with free hand painting of animals, flowers, butterflies, superheroes, and more.


For large parties, stenciled face painting is available. Although less intricate, it is faster and offers a variety of designs.

Fast, artistic face painting

All our Paints are safe for sensative skin



"Let your child enjoy their youth with a Magical Mascaraed"


All our face painting is non toxic and gentle on skin. They are oil based paints, that wash off with a simple dab of warm water. All our face paints are silly farm based products that will not harm you or your children.


• Crowns

• Flowers

• Masks

• And more

Amazing Designs


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"We do everything from

small parties to large events.

We have a wide variety of

independent contractors who  

we book for birthdays, parties,

weddings, and much more.

We can book them for as

long as need be

for you big day!"

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"Plan, Perform, Party and Play"